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Hello Reigate - we have launched

Hello Reigate - we have launched

Today sees the launch of, a new website with supporting social media profiles that has been created by three local parents to provide a single go-to resource for all things parenting in the Reigate area.

Our story

The parents behind Find My Reigate all moved to Reigate in 2016 and have been through similar struggles to find a single source of information to help us discover things to do with our young children.

Kerry Doyle, the mum with the original idea for Find My Reigate and a Reigate resident for 16 years recently returned from working in South Africa to find that life was very different;

“When we came back to Reigate in January 2016 so much seemed familiar, but in reality everything had changed. Now I had a 6 month old daughter along for the amazing journey and my needs and hers were completely different to my old life.”
“I had no idea what there was to do with her in the week and so I began the laborious process of scouring the Internet and gathering endless leaflets for baby groups and activities, guessing at what she might enjoy and then just trying them out one by one by one.”

Emma Freeman, the other mum behind the site had just moved to Surrey from South East London with a newborn and a toddler, met Kerry at one of these local baby groups and discovered we had shared frustrations;

“I liken meeting new mummies to blind dating; An unfamiliar venue, a brief chat with a crying baby on your hip and a toddler clinging to your leg, and then the awkward attempt to get the phone number of the people you click with, to make sure you see them again.”
“I found it difficult to find the local groups of the area listed in one user friendly place. When you spend your day dealing with tantrums, failed naps, teething babies and endless nappy changes there needs to be a quick, easy and inspiring way of getting you all out of the house and entertained for the day. That is what we hope to create in Find my Reigate.”

What started as a little idea has turned in to a real labour of love. Between Kerry and Emma they have tried out over 25 baby and toddler groups. Emma’s husband, Craig Freeman, who just so happens to work in digital marketing got involved for similar reasons to Emma;

“Before we moved to Reigate I searched for some useful websites that detailed daily groups and meet ups for parents with young children but I couldn't find anything that balanced useful information with well written content and a pleasing design. Therefore when my wife mentioned that a mum she had met at a baby group had an idea for an online resource for parents I was immediately interested.”
“When I met Kerry and we talked things through in a bit more detail I was immediately hooked, mainly because we all wanted this resource ourselves.”

So much on our doorstep

Us Reigate families are lucky to live in an area that offers numerous activities, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming especially when you are yet to build a support network around you. We know first hand that parents of young children all have limited time in the day so we have worked hard to bring all the local groups and activities together in one easy place.

The site is designed in a user friendly format where you can search by name, type of activity or day of the week at the click of a button. Find My Reigate is fully independent. It has been built and developed around the busy life of our families with no external funding. The site does not charge to list the groups in order to provide a comprehensive resource which is not driven by sales or commission.

Please go and have a browse around the site. We have lots of plans and ideas but as we want this to be a resource for local parents, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Key features of Find My Reigate:

  • Easy to search listings of local baby and toddler groups each with key information
  • Tips and reviews of these groups based on first hand experiences
  • Ideas for meeting other local parents
  • Collated links to postnatal and antenatal resources
  • A blog that will provide ideas, inspiration and information
  • Social media profiles to reach and engage the wider community

What's coming up next?

  • Expanding our activities listings including weekend groups
  • Start adding family friendly day trips
  • More reviews for groups
  • Features on family friendly local businesses

Our Facebook group and other social channels

We are launching a new Facebook group to go hand in hand with the website and really hope that it can act as a community hub. We want Find My Reigate to be much more than just a listing or directory site. We want it to help build a community spirit where we can come together to share knowledge, tips and information and in doing so making it just that little bit easier for the next person. We all have something to contribute so let's get sharing whether its details of a great little park, a family friendly cafe, recipes for fussy toddlers, seasonal fun and games! 

Facebook: Find My Reigate

Want to join IN?

Have you been to a group and want to add a review?
Do you run a group or know of one you think we should add?
Are you a local blogger or business owner who would like to guest blog? 

Contact us here.

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