“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…It's about learning to dance in the rain.” 

The Crafter's Market - Celebrating Reigate

The Crafter's Market - Celebrating Reigate

Find My Reigate exists to bring families closer to the fantastic community on our doorstep. Our 'Celebrating Reigate' series looks to put the spotlight on the individuals, businesses and locations that makes our corner of Surrey such a great place to be.

Introducing the crafty Mums behind The Crafters Market

For our second feature we would like you to meet Sarah Jane Skitt and Liz Maginnis the fabulous organisers of The Crafter's Markets. We identified so much with their story when we found out that they started the markets when they couldn't find the right place to sell their own crafty products.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Here we are! Liz and Sarah, the (sometimes very tired) faces behind The Crafter's Market. Liz, pictured dressed as a mime act, is Little Bean and Sarah is The Flower Girl.

Liz, how would you describe Little Bean?

I've always been interested in sewing and pattern and design, I'm a massive self confessed fabric addict. When the bean came along I wanted to start making her little dresses and skirts as I got bored with the same old stuff you see on the high street. I started making them for friends little girls but there are only so many dresses a little girl can wear so I thought I would start making them for everyone... well you know, more than just family and friends. Every little dress is made with time and care and you know you are getting something you won't see every little bean wearing. That's the beauty of handmade.

Sarah, how would you describe The Flower Girl

The Flower Girl is all about pretty flowers & pretty patterns. I love to create beautiful flowers from paper which can be given as a unique gift or a keepsake. I love all things crafty & enjoy trying all sorts of different crafts. It's such a joy to make such pretty things. It's hard to find the time with my two little ones but it's lovely to have that 'me' time tucked in my craft corner.

Why did you start The Crafters Markets?

We thought we would have a go at running our own fantastic, contemporary craft market. Where every stall is carefully chosen so that you always get to see something unique, well made and local. Since we have started we have been overwhelmed by the brilliant response to the market both from stall holders and you the customer. We feel really lucky to now be organising some amazing markets on a monthly basis. We both have stalls at the markets, and as you can see a few little ones to look after, so things do get a little hectic.

When is the next Crafter's Market?

Our last market is this weekend, Saturday 17th December 1pm-3:45pm at St Marks Church Hall, Alma Rd, Reigate. Entry is free.

What should other crafters do if they are interested in having a stall?

If anyone would like to be on our list of stall holders for future events please contact us via email to

Being so active in our local community, what are your top family friendly tips for things to do in and around Reigate?

We love 'Dish'!! Such fun, now my son is 4 it is such a lovely activity to share together. (Sarah)
We love visiting Priory Park  & feeding the ducks (Liz) 
We both love Priory Farm

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The Ladies of Lemonade Lane - Celebrating Reigate

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Sarah Godsell - Celebrating Reigate