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Join Us To Learn How To Cook Veg Even The Kids Will Love

Join Us To Learn How To Cook Veg Even The Kids Will Love

We set up Find My Reigate to make it easier for local families to find each other, for you to discover the wealth of baby and toddler groups on your doorstep and to raise awareness of the charities and organisations that offer their support. All with the aim of helping you build the village style community that it takes to raise children.

Following the recent announcement of our partnership with Riverford Reigate, we are excited to announce our first joint event, a cookery class focused on ideas and inspiration to introduce vegetables into your family mealtimes. It's also going to be a great way to get out of the house to meet other local parents and have a bit of fun.

Veg - Even the kids will love!

After explaining how tough mealtimes with toddlers can be, helpfully illustrated by the hilarious but painfully too close to home Hurrah for Gin images below, Simon (Riverford Reigate) and Liz (Riverford Horsham) have developed a program for the evening built around cooking for and with children.

Images from Hurrah For Gin's 'The Eleven Stages of a Faultless Dinnertime'

Avoiding the mealtime battle

As parents ourselves we are all too aware of how testing mealtimes can be. The crushing feeling when you have lovingly prepared a home cooked, balanced and nutritious meal only for your child to push it away and have a meltdown because the peas are touching the chicken!

This class will hopefully provide some strategies for mastering those tricky eaters, how to introduce new veg to the family, how to hide veg if getting them interested doesn’t work, and dealing with allergies.

You'll sit down with the other guests and class instructor and enjoy what you've prepared over a glass of wine. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask any questions and receive individual guidance on useful skills for making the most of your veg at home.

What do you get?

The cost of the class includes; a welcome drink, expert guidance and techniques to make the most of vegetables at home, a medium sized veg box, 3-course meal to be enjoyed on the night and drinks.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the evening is the price of a medium veg box, so £13.95. 

When and where is it?

27th February, 8pm to 10pm at the Reigate Community Centre, High Street, Reigate, RH2 9AE

How do I sign up?

To book your place on this event please email your contact details to Kerry at Once we have all of your details, Riverford will then contact you to set up an account. Your first veg box will be delivered the following week after the class.

Riverford don’t ever lock anyone into a contract, so you are not ‘locked-in’ to a subscription. You will be set you up with a Riverford account to send you your first box. The box frequency is set by each individual household, so you are never required to have one each week and you can cancel at any time.

Please also tell us you are going on the Facebook Event. We can’t wait and hope to see you there.

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