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Guest Post - Wellbeing Intentions with Miriam Greaves

Guest Post - Wellbeing Intentions with Miriam Greaves

When I saw this post on Instagram from Miriam Greaves (@mghypnobirthing) of Miriam Greaves Hypnobirthing I thought it was too good not to share so I asked her if she'd like to do our first guest post.

Instead of resolutions for 2018, Miriam has made a set of 'wellbeing intentions' and one of them is to make more time to connect with other people - her children, family, friends and strangers. Here she talks about what that looks like to her in practice:


"I’ve had my head in work and motherhood recently (well, it’s mostly been about balancing the two!). I’ve really noticed a positive difference in my emotional wellbeing when I’ve connected with those that are important to me. Evidence shows that good relationships – with family, friends and the wider community – are important for mental wellbeing. Many of us would like to spend more time with people who are important to them. I know I find it hard when life feels like a constant juggling act! Sometimes, having a busy life can make this difficult. Nurturing our relationships can help us feel happier and more secure, and can give us a greater sense of purpose.

Here are some of the ways I’m going to focus more on connecting with those around me:

🌿Make time each day to spend with my children. I’m very lucky to be a stay at home Mum running a business but sometimes I can take the time with my children for granted and not truly be present. My mind can be elsewhere and I’m missing out on breathing my children in - you know that feeling? For two hours every day, I will switch my phone off (not just on silent!) and create games, make up stories, do role play, get creative and do the things make me truly happy.

🌿At least once a month, I’ll arrange an afternoon or evening out with friends I haven't seen for a while.

🌿I’ll switch off the TV in the evenings at least twice a week and call someone important to me. I’ll always leave a voicemail and let them know I’m thinking of them.

🌿 I’ll speak to someone new every day. A friendly hello to the person at the coffee shop or nursery drop off or having a chat with a mum at soft play who is sitting alone. There are so many ways to make contact with people in our wider community and it always feels good when we do.

What things can you do to connect? Take a moment and write a few intentions down for the next 6 months."

Look out for more from Miriam on the evidence-based steps we can all take to improve our mental wellbeing - Connect. Be Active. Keep Learning. Give To Others. Take Notice

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