Meet other parents

We all know that in order to be the best parents we can be, we need to focus on ourselves every now and again. In the same way that we search for the best activities to nourish our children, we also need to do the same for ourselves. We need to reach out to other people who know what is going on in our crazy worlds, but at the same time can tell us that we are not actually going crazy; they have been there too and more importantly come out the other side. 


I've never had a dog, but I'm told that you are never alone if you have a dog because people will always talk to you. Now I'm not comparing our children to pets, but I have found the same to be true about having a baby. Somehow a baby is an instant icebreaker, but it can also be very difficult to move beyond conversations of their vital statistics and sometimes, even a crowded toddler group can feel like a very lonely place. Hopefully we can give you some ideas, inspiration and confidence to reach out and try something new.


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We are so excited to be launching a new Facebook group to go hand in hand with the website and really hope that it can act as a community hub. We want Find My Reigate to be much more than just a listing or directory site. We want it to help build a community spirit where we can come together to share knowledge, tips and information and in doing so making it just that little bit easier for the next person. We all have something to contribute so let's get sharing whether its details of a great little park, a family friendly cafe, recipes for fussy toddlers, seasonal fun and games! 


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